Imagewest, founded in 2004, is a student-run advertising and public relations agency at Western Kentucky University and is part of the School of Journalism & Broadcasting (SJ&B). Both Imagewest and the SJ&B, have built a strong reputation of award-winning work and outstanding alumni. Throughout the year, our students at Imagewest complete projects for local, national and international clients.


Facts About Imagewest

  • Established Spring 2004
  • A full service, revenue generating, student-run advertising and public relations agency at WKU.
  • It’s all about: Real Clients. Real Experience. Unimaginable Benefits.
  • Our Mission: Imagewest provides valuable “real-life” advertising and public relations projects for Western Kentucky University students that will give them the opportunity to apply principles, skills and theory taught in the classroom. Students will further develop their skills and enhance their portfolio giving them a competitive edge as they enter the workforce.


    The success of Imagewest will not only benefit WKU students, but the agency will contribute to the community by providing clients with exceptional products and services.


  • Each semester students compete for 10 – 12 positions such as PR coordinator, account executive, graphic designer, broadcast coordinator and web designer.
  • Provides services such as branding, consulting, communications, event planning, graphic design, publicity, research, social media, strategic planning, video production, web design, writing and much more.
  • Imagewest has worked with more than 200 clients including local, regional, national and even international organizations.
  • The agency was recognized for award winning work in its first year and continues to receive honors on an annual basis.
  • Any revenues that are generated go directly back into the School of Journalism & Broadcasting to cover expenses such as equipment, supplies, scholarships and travel.
  • The agency is part of Western Kentucky University’s School of Journalism & Broadcasting’s Center for 21st Century Media Program of Distinction, which is approved and funded by Kentucky’s Council on Post-Secondary Education Regional Excellence Trust Fund.

Member of:

  • American Advertising Federation
  • Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce
  • Professional Marketing Association


Facts About The Students

  • The majority of students who participate are advertising, graphic design and public relations majors.
  • Students earn course credit during the internship and are eligible to apply for the Imagewest Summer Abroad Internship Scholarship.
  • Opportunity for students to develop confidence, skills, experience, and enhance their portfolios.
  • Interns at Imagewest communicate with clients face-to-face.
  • Interns work hands-on as a team on client projects from conception to completion.
  • Students have an advantage over other graduates in the job market by completing an internship and having “real-world” experience.
  • Over 250 internship positions have been created.
  • A good majority of the interns that have graduated are working in the industry.



  • Vicki Bagwell, WKU – School of Journalism & Broadcasting, Public Relations Assistant Professor
  • Carrie Barr, GS&F Art Director (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Summer Bolton, Fruit of the Loom, Designer (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Chris Carrico, Sheehy + Associates, Art Director (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Chelsey Dickson, TKO Marketing, Marketing Coordinator (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Maggie Hinklin, Creative Alliance, Assistant Account Executive (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Jeff Jensen, WKU – Art Department, Graphic Design Associate Professor
  • Pam Johnson, WKU – School of Journalism & Broadcasting, News Editorial Professor
  • Amy Kaiser, Bandy Carroll and Hellige, Media Buyer (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Loup Langton, WKU – School of Journalism & Broadcasting, Director
  • Kelly McClain, Emma Email Marketing, Designer (Imagewest Alumnus)
  • Brent Oglesbee, WKU – Art Department Head
  • Jo-Anne Ryan, WKU – School of Journalism & Broadcasting, Assistant Director & Broadcasting Associate Professor
  • Cliff Shaluta, WKU – School of Journalism & Broadcasting, Ad + PR Coordinator
  • Mark Simpson, WKU – School of Journalism & Faculty Advisor and School of Journalism & Broadcasting - Associate Professor in Advertising
  • Matt Tullis, WKU – Art Department, Graphic Design Assistant Professor