Technology is incessantly changing with every second of every day. Every moment of our lives is updated, recorded, photographed and, for lack of a better word, tweeted to the general public. Different industries, companies, and organizations have begun adapting to this new worldwide trend. Recently, social media’s eyes have turned toward a huge world spectacle,more

Welcome, Jenna Warrenfeltz!

The new year brings two exciting milestones for Imagewest, Western Kentucky University’s student-run advertising and public relations agency. First, 2014 marks the 10-year anniversary of the agency’s founding. Second, after months of searching for the perfect candidate, a new agency director has been hired to lead Imagewest in this new chapter. Imagewest is pleased tomore

Recruitment Begins! 10.28.13

Imagewest held an open house this homecoming weekend that kick-started its search for spring ninjas. This past Saturday ex-ninjas, current ninjas, potential ninjas and SJ&B faculty visited Imagewest’s main office to chat, eat and say hello to the ninja gnome mascot. The event ceremoniously marked the beginning of recruiting season. Already the current team hasmore


My Experience as an Intern

Being an intern at Imagewest is definitely not what I thought it would be when I first applied to work here. It is much more than an internship. It is a place to gain experience, a structured workplace, a unified voice, and a group of friends working together. If I had known this when Imore

It’s All About Love, Man

I have always been a person who believes in passion. I am talking about the passion for what you do. There is this old saying by some guy (or girl) who is more than likely dead; it goes “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” Or somethingmore

Step ahead of the competition

Step ahead of the competition

As Public Relations becomes more and more competitive, the importance of an internship continues to rise. According to PRNewser, students with at least three internships are twice as likely to get a job after graduation.  In this competitive world, it is important to have practical experience, a professional demeanor, and be extremely self-driven.  During mymore


This is The End 7.22.13

As the final two weeks at the agency come to an end, I begin to say goodbye to more than just new friends. In just a few days, I will be saying goodbye to Bowling Green and to the past 24 years of my life. As I drive around everyday in the town where Imore

Squeezing in Sidetrips 7.9.13

We don’t have much time left abroad, but even as we press onward with the Harlaxton Manor project we continue to see as much as we can. A portion of the team went to see Belvoir Castle – pronounced Beaver Castle because past townspeople refused to say French words – home to the Duke andmore


Megan Hawkins, Alumni Spotlight

Name: Megan Hawkins Position held at Imagewest: Account Executive  Major:  Mass Communications with a minor in Marketing Graduation year: 2011 Employer: Turner Broadcasting Title: Social Media Manager Employer City/State: Atlanta, GA Employer Website: Twitter: @meganmarie122 This is what she had to tell us when we talked to her: Imagewest: How long were you involved with the Imagewest internship? Megan Hawkins: I participated in the Imagewestmore

The World Is Smaller Than You Think

The World Is Smaller Than You Think

On his last episode of hosting The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien looked straight into the camera and said: “If you work really hard – and are kind – amazing things will happen.” I believe these two characteristics are foundational blocks for building a strong personal brand – and ultimately a successful career. Kindness and hardmore


The Influence of Digital Media

The advertising industry has recently seen a huge shift to digital media. A higher percentage of advertising budgets are being spent on digital media, and it is gaining more attention from consumers. Many advertising and public relations firms are also now offering additional services such as interactive media services, which helps to attract more clients.more

Why Klout is Changing Online Communication

Why Klout is Changing Online Communication

What if I told you that your influence online would play a vital role in your future career and success? This shocking statement is what Klout believes to be the new truth of today. Klout is a San Francisco-based startup that measures social influence, reach, and engagement. The company began when CEO, Joe Fernandez, camemore


Behind the Scenes with Studio Faculty

There are two ways to survive college when we are ready for life after graduation. The first is to surround ourselves with inspiring people and amazing work from our respective industries. Not only does this set a high bar for our own course projects, but it also transitions our mindset from students to professionals. Themore

Professional Q&A with Mallory Siler (Account Manager at Paramore)

Professional Q&A with Mallory Siler (Account Manager at Paramore)

Paramore is a digital agency based in Nashville, TN. The organization prides themselves in their focus on results, and their brilliant finishes. When I reached out to the organization for a job shadow, I was excited to be introduced to Mallory Siler, an Account Manager at the organization. During my shadow I learned more aboutmore