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My Experience as an Intern

Being an intern at Imagewest is definitely not what I thought it would be when I first applied to work here. It is much more than an internship. It is a place to gain experience, a structured workplace, a unified voice, and a group of friends working together. If I had known this when I first came to WKU, I definitely would have applied to intern a lot sooner than I did.

I have been interning since May of 2014, I can confidently say that I have learned a lot. I am one of the web designers for the team and I love the work that I am assigned. Building websites has always intrigued me, and Imagewest has solidified my decision to become a web designer when I graduate from WKU. As an intern, the tasks that I am given can sometimes be very challenging. However, with the help of my instructor and the other web designer, I am able to overcome the obstacles that stand in my way when I am building a website.

The greatest experience that I have had while interning at Imagewest was one specific day during the summer. Most of the interns usually have conversations with each other while in the office. I, however, used to keep to myself and only focus on my work. At that point, I didn’t really realize that I was missing out on an opportunity to become friends with some great people. On this specific day, I overheard a conversation between two interns about video games that were being confirmed during E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. I took out my earphones, since I was listening to music, and listened to the conversation. After hearing what they had to say, I decided to chime in and join their conversation. They didn’t realize that I enjoyed the same games as they did, and we began talking about a multitude of things. This is the day that I finally opened up as an intern and made some great friends.

As colleagues, the other web designers also became mentors during my time as an intern. I had the skills it took to accomplish tasks at Imagewest, but the other web designers helped me learn more about my field of work. Once the summer was finished, I knew that I had really learned a lot about web design and what I would be doing as a job when I get out of school. I couldn’t have progressed as much as I did if it wasn’t for the other two web designers at Imagewest. I feel that having other colleagues at Imagewest helps immensely because they can help you learn and succeed.

I know that an internship can be difficult, and that it requires a lot of work and dedication. However, those who do not apply to Imagewest are missing out on a great and valuable opportunity. The experience that you gain and the friends that you make while interning at Imagewest are some of the greatest moments I’ve had while being a student at WKU. I hope that the camaraderie that I’ve been a part of within Imagewest can remain strong for years to come.

It’s All About Love, Man

I have always been a person who believes in passion. I am talking about the passion for what you do. There is this old saying by some guy (or girl) who is more than likely dead; it goes “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” Or somethingContinue Reading

Step ahead of the competition

Step ahead of the competition

As Public Relations becomes more and more competitive, the importance of an internship continues to rise. According to PRNewser, students with at least three internships are twice as likely to get a job after graduation.  In this competitive world, it is important to have practical experience, a professional demeanor, and be extremely self-driven.  During myContinue Reading

A Glimpse into the Future

The thought of what job you might get in the future could make anyone nervous, but, in my opinion, the atmosphere that surrounds you is what you should be nervous about. When I first started Imagewest, I really did not know what to expect. What I am experiencing is more than I could ask for.Continue Reading

A Touch of Motivation

I have to say, starting to work for clients has been a new, but fun, challenge for me. It’s an opportunity to hone my skills and improve myself, not only as a designer, but also as a person. I’ve been relishing the fantastic opportunity I’ve been given to better my abilities and to collaborate withContinue Reading

Less is More

    We often hear the phrase, “less is more,” quickly nodding our heads in agreement and continuing on our way while looking down at a device displaying the latest tweets and photos, a million distractions within our fingertips. What if this three-word manifesto instead defined the way you live? Suddenly, the stacks of paperContinue Reading

The Untitled Memoir of an Imagewest Intern

7 am very rarely treats anyone well, I think, as I sit up in my queen-sized bed. I run my hands over my still-tired eyes, and reach to remedy the alarming buzz of my cell phone making me aware that my day is about to begin. After a longer-than-normal shower, I open my closet toContinue Reading

Making goals and then finding out you’ll be making new ones

Being a web designer at Imagewest has been one of the best experiences of my undergraduate career. Almost every day I have the opportunity to talk with others, to get their opinions of my designs, or to watch as others’ cool ideas visually unfold. My personal goal when I applied at Imagewest was to becomeContinue Reading

Five things worth learning

I sat here for an hour and a half trying to figure out what to talk about. I have thought about 28 tips on good design, listing places to find inspiration, Milton Glaser’s killer design he did for the new season of Mad Men, and a thousand other things. But the only reoccurring thought IContinue Reading

Interning: A New Perspective

Prior to becoming a student of the art department at WKU, I had a very limited idea about graphic design and the extent of the field’s reach. Drawing was something I had always done and computers fascinated me, so I became interested in graphic design under the pretense that graphic design was essentially just electronicContinue Reading

The Struggle is Real: Capturing the Essence of a Graphic Designer

College is expensive. Tools are expensive. This is a struggle that is all too real for students who are trying to break into the professional world with a very limited budget for school supplies or even food. Most successful students who have come before me have all had something in common. They attempted to operateContinue Reading

What I learned at my job shadow

Over spring break I had the opportunity to job shadow at two different companies in Nashville, Tennessee. The first company, Southern Alpha, is an online news source that provides stories covering start-up companies in the southern part of the United States. The really cool thing about Southern Alpha is it’s a start-up company, too. TheContinue Reading

So It’s Over, Now What? 11.21.13

Darkness now comes at 4:30 p.m. and the winter winds of December are creeping in (or so they are supposed to be), signifying that my journey with Imagewest is about to end. It has been a whirlwind to say the least. The best description I can come up with is jumping out of an airplane.Continue Reading

Variety is the Spice of Life 11.14.13

As a creative in the industry, a person usually has a niche or area they’re really good at. One might be good at typography, while another is good at animation, and another at web. While it’s great you’re good at one thing, it’s important to continue to explore other creative areas such as music, filmContinue Reading

Just What I Needed 09.17.13

While on fall break, Penny, Mollee, and I shadowed Chuck Creasy, the VP of Creative Services at the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Chuck shared with us a great deal of wisdom about working in the design industry. I realized as he was talking to us I have been one of those students whoContinue Reading

Career advice from Greg Keightley of SKyPAC 10.9.13

Yesterday I went to my first job shadow. I spoke with Greg Keightley, marketing and PR director for Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (SKyPAC), and he shared useful advice and information. I’ve always been interested in doing PR for a music/entertainment venue, so I was excited to see the inner workings of Bowling Green’s newContinue Reading

Timeless Tips 10.2.13

Write English paper due Wednesday… Check. Research for Friday morning Imagewest meeting… Check. Design an infographic for class due Thursday… Check. Meet for NSAC Tuesday… Check Sleep… Who needs sleep, right? One of the biggest struggles in college is finding a way to balance everything that is going on. Whether it’s finishing up homework, workingContinue Reading

Tips and Tricks 9.6.13

As the hot, humid Kentucky summer fades, the fall semester is unfolding for the newest team at Imagewest. After a week of boot camp training (to activate our ninja skills!) and a whirlwind first week at the office, the Imagewest team has hit the ground running. Amazing opportunities and clients are already knocking on ourContinue Reading

Transitions 08.30.13

As one would imagine, Imagewest International differs slightly from a traditional semester at the agency. The number of team members, amount of clients, day-to-day life, and office location all vary between the two. Therefore, the transition from summer to fall at the agency made me nervous regarding what to expect. My experience has been backwardsContinue Reading

Busy Boy 5.3.13

This has been quite the semester. I hadn’t planned on my last semester being so busy. In fact, I thought my twelve credit-hour class schedule might leave me a little time to relax, finalize my portfolio and begin the dreaded job search. This semester has turned out to be the busiest period in my life. Busy doingContinue Reading

Accomplishments 4.26.13

I came into the world of advertising and PR a tabula rasa, Locke’s blank slate, ready to absorb all I could. I didn’t expect to leave prepared to work in the industry. Imagewest was a crash course into the all aspects of the advertising world. As a trained journalist, I had no idea what to do asContinue Reading

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? 4.19.13

Throughout the years my answer has changed and professional swimmer, doctor, and Good Morning America news anchor are no longer valid answers. I think when you were younger and were asked that question you felt like you could say anything, because growing up seemed so far away. But in just 24 short days I willContinue Reading

Goodby Silverstein & Partners 4.16.13

During Spring break, I had the unique opportunity to job shadow at a fast paced advertising agency in San Francisco, California. Goodby Silverstein & Partners is a well-known agency that is responsible for some of the top advertisements that are displayed around America today. One of their most respected works is the “Got Milk” advertisingContinue Reading

Light at the End of the Tunnel 4.9.13

Quizzes, finals, projects, group work, and deadlines are bombarding the interns as the end of the semester nears. As the to do list grows, there seems to be only one thing on our minds, walking the graduation line and changing the tassel from right to left. It is very easy to get distracted and loseContinue Reading

I’m Already in the ‘Real World’ 3.29.13

I had my first “big girl” interview on Wednesday. I was interviewing for a public relations position, and going into it I had no idea quite what to expect. Once the questions started firing, I was sure glad for my experience here at Imagewest. They asked me: “How can you cut through the clutter ofContinue Reading

PR from a Graphic Designer 3.24.13

At Imagewest, I’ve learned quite a few things about how to efficiently design. This has helped me to excel in my courses and in my personal freelance projects. Surprisingly, I’ve also learned some key points on how to successfully use PR. During our trip to Nashville, we listened to Chris Parker give a talk aboutContinue Reading

Tweet-Tweet 3.8.13

I have a secret to tell you: I’m not an advertising major. I know nothing about PR. Well, I knew nothing about PR. I’m a news editorial major, trained in journalistic reporting. Why am I working for Imagewest, you ask? I wanted to try something new. I wanted to learn. And boy, have I learned.Continue Reading

Social Media: STOP, THINK, POST 2.22.13

It’s no surprise that social media plays a big role in today’s society. It is literally everywhere.  Before ever applying for jobs post-graduation, you need to make sure your social media sites are portraying the person you want your boss to think you are. Just because you aren’t a millionaire or the CEO of aContinue Reading

Excitement and Fear Are Best Friends 2.15.13

For the graduating seniors at Imagewest, this is a time when excitement and fear are best friends. We have worked incredibly hard for so many years to finally reach the moment where we are prepared to leave our comfort zone and enter into the field we are most passionate about. But then a startling thought crossesContinue Reading

Staying Creative on Sketchy Days 2.8.13

Here at Imagewest the design team has settled into our own extended wall desk that feels more like a stretch limo of workplaces (minus the mobile hot-tub). The projects have been assigned (many of which are logo design, my favorite) and the creative floodgates have been opened. The design team is now attacking their sketchpads andContinue Reading

5 Tips for Succeeding in Life: As Taught by Imagewest 2.5.13

As the first few weeks of school comes to a close, I can already tell that I’m beginning to grow as a result of being an Imagewest intern.  I like to consider myself as somewhat of a sponge, an observer if you will. Although my time so far has been short, I’ve already gained someContinue Reading

Ninja Powers Activated in Nashville 2.1.13

Although waking up at 7:30 in the morning seemed like a daunting task for this college kid, visiting agencies in Nashville with my fellow ninjas was an eye opening yet rewarding experience. While traveling over the river and through the woods, our journey started with a visit to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT). Continue Reading

How Time Flies 11.30.12

It’s hard to believe the Fall 2012 Team has only one week left. Just a few months ago, we were strangers for the most part. None of us really knew what the semester would bring, and I don’t think any of us knew how close we would all become. Because of the Imagewest experience, weContinue Reading

Desktop Wars 11.19.12

Here at Imagewest the ninjas have learned a lot since August, and we definitely need all of our acquired knowledge as we near the end of the semester. There isn’t a lot of time left, but we have more to do than ever! In order to keep the creative juices flowing, the team makes itContinue Reading

Working Through Stress 11.9.12

With less than a month left here at Imagewest, I find myself with mixed emotions. The holiday season is right around the corner but there is still much work to be done. Between numerous class projects, client work to be fine-tuned, and trying to maintain even the slightest bit of a social life, it canContinue Reading

Work Hard and Play Hard 11.5.12

As we enter into the chilly month of November, things at the agency are quickly getting busier by the day. Projects are in full swing and deadlines are approaching. With Halloween week drawing to a close and Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner it can be easy to catch a case of senioritis, orContinue Reading

A Ninja for Life 10.26.12

After picking up my cap and gown for graduation and exploring the different tables about announcements, class rings and the possibility of grad school, I realized that my days at Western Kentucky University are numbered. I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on me until I packed up my bag of brochures and walked backContinue Reading

Imagewest Creates a Frankenstein Spider-Man 10.18.12

Imagewest is the place where the fun never ever ends. Unlike the description of a normal internship, at Imagewest all kinds of opportunities for a wild time arise. The team and I built an awesome Spider-Man tape sculpture for the Lost River Cave scarecrow competition, which provided a very entertaining process. The first step inContinue Reading

Inspiring Insight From An Industry Professional 10.8.12

As a fifth year senior at Western Kentucky University, I had a firm grasp of what my future career would entail. I was confident that my years of design experience would land me a desk at most any agency, given proper preparation for the interview. On October 4th 2012, my confidence was shattered. As IContinue Reading

A Small Taste of the Future 9.21.12

As the semester has started and my mind has gotten back to “working mode,” I begin a new experience in a new setting: a real graphic design job experience. When I heard about Imagewest, I was immediately drawn in by the many benefits that such an agency could provide. So, I applied for a positionContinue Reading

Get to Gno-Me 9.14.12

As the first couple weeks have slipped right by, the lengthy project list at Imagewest has us ninjas frantically scurrying around the office to get our hands dirty with real client work. From client meetings and collaborating on project work the team is constantly on the move. While I must admit that my to-do listContinue Reading

Learning Ninja Fast 9.7.12

I never thought I would be so productive at 8 a.m. on a Monday. Generally, I’m not a morning person. It takes a large cup of coffee and breakfast to get me mentally ready for the day. At Imagewest, others must have felt the same. Bagels were brought in and coffee was made to makeContinue Reading

Ninja Powers Activate! 8.31.12

It’s the beginning of a new semester and the team at Imagewest is busy sharpening their ninja skills in preparation for the projects and challenges to come. As one of the new PR Coordinators, this semester is special to me because it will be my last. Due to working various jobs throughout college, I neverContinue Reading

Italian Summer 7.10.12

After a life-changing trip abroad, I have been charged with the heavy task of writing the last blog post. There are no words that can summarize our entire trip. As we finish our work in the office, excitement fills our hearts. This tight-knit band of young professionals will soon enjoy the rest of summer 2012 in AmericaContinue Reading

Thanks for the Memories 7.6.12

This morning was one of many firsts for me at Imagewest. For the first time I appeared on the news to represent a client. And this was a client that I’ve been supporting for quite some time—Imagewest. It was a great learning opportunity for me as a future public relations professional. I tried to remember to smile, not speak too fast and look at the interviewer.  It was nerve-racking but still a very exciting opportunity.Continue Reading

Back to the Red, White and Blue 9.2.12

We rose while the sun was still sleeping. We shuffled around brushing teeth and making last minute packing adjustments. We rode the elevator of the hotel in Rome one last time to the lobby to turn in our keysContinue Reading

Last Weekend in Florence 6.20.12

With our trip coming to an end, I am happy to say that we had an amazing last weekend in Florence. LdM has been such a wonderful client to work with. They have made us feel welcome from day one!Continue Reading

Learning through Living 6.13.12

Imagewest has been in Italy for two and a half weeks now, and we are trying our best not to take Florence for granted. It is hard to constantly pay attention to all the history, art, and architecture surrounding me.Continue Reading

Ninjas Embrace International Marketing 6.8.12

As the ninjas continue their time in Italy working for Lorenzo de’ Medici, the account team is busy researching social media trends for them.Continue Reading

A Hidden Little Treasure In Every Corner 5.31.12

Florence, Italy. What can’t I say about this beautiful city filled with such a rich culture that has inhabitants from all over the world and classic art pieces right out of the history books?Continue Reading

The Kentucky Party Has Arrived 5.28.12

We arrived at the airport and compared our packing strategies, weighed our luggage and cheered when it cleared the airline weight regulations. We were beaming with excitement, yet it still did not feel like reality. Honestly, were we starting our journey abroad? Had the days of preparation for the trip actually ended?
Continue Reading

Preparing for Adventure! 5.17.12

The countdown to Florence, Italy has begun! The ninjas are buzzing with excitement about the upcoming trip. We are taking action to make sure that we never forget this amazing trip. We will be writing in a “five senses” journal, which will record what we heard, saw, smelled, tasted and felt every day in Italy.Continue Reading

A Family Of Ninjas 5.3.12

Working at any agency, especially one with twelve new interns, can have it’s ups and downs, and the most important thing to do in those times is to stick together. That is why my favorite thing about working at Imagewest has been family time with my fellow interns. Coming into the semester, I already knewContinue Reading

Lucky to Have Been A Ninja 4.27.12

Within the next few weeks I will officially walk away as an alumnae of Imagewest. Although my experience has—at times—been difficult due to learning curves and timeframes, I am thankful for the opportunity I had while at Imagewest. I gained knowledge about pre-press and the ins-and-outs of Indesign, I went on several job shadows andContinue Reading

Welcoming New Ninjas with Some Advice 4.19.12

Congratulations to the new fall 2012 team! We’re excited to welcome you into the Imagewest family. You’re in for an invaluable work/learning experience, fun and food! That is, if you decide to continue the tradition of crockpot cookin’ on Fridays. Which leads me to a list of advice I’ve constructed from each of my teamContinue Reading

Job Search Advice for the WKU Job Seeker 4.5.12

Ever since I started my job search back in January, I’ve said that WKU should offer a “How to Find a Job” class. I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. What is a cover letter? What do I include on my resume? Where do I send my resume? No oneContinue Reading

Advice from a Ninja 4.3.12

During my time at Imagewest, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on what it means to be part of the ninja team. I can’t give away all my secrets (what’s the fun in that?), but I would like to share some advice that will benefit not only you, but those around you as well. StrengthContinue Reading

Perks of Ninja Life 3.15.12

I have enjoyed numerous perks since embarking on my journey as a ninja such as working with clients, priceless experiences, an amazing team, but the job shadow that I was able to go on this past week has been one of my favorites. I was fortunate enough to visit GS&F in Nashville, Tenn. GS&F isContinue Reading

The Ninjas and Their Dojo 3.7.12

Imagewest: Where dreams come true, where there is a new opportunity around every corner and the only place in the world where pickup lines are handed out every Monday. Yes, it is a magical place, home to a mythical martial artist named the Ninja Gnome and all of his fellow ninjas. Some say Imagewest isContinue Reading

Ninja Lifestyle 2.18.12

Today officially marks four weeks of interning at Imagewest. It really feels like time is flying by, but rest assured that my fellow ninjas and I are staying busy! Working at Imagewest has been an interesting experience so far to say the least. Just a few months ago, I was an unhappy journalism major andContinue Reading

Ninja Time Flies 2.10.12

People use the phrase “time flies” all the time, but at Imagewest, time really does fly. Some days I’m in the office for six hours, but it always feels like I’ve only been working for a half hour. It’s crazy to me that we’re already in our third week of school! As a senior onContinue Reading

From News Ed to Ninja! 2.7.12

Like many of my fellow Imagewest ninjas, I am a senior preparing to leave WKU in a few mere months and enter the real world. Unlike many of them, I have not spent my years here majoring in, studying, or even being exposed to (for the most part), the world of advertising, public relations, andContinue Reading

Ninja Powers Activate 1.31.12

A new semester is upon us once again! This semester is special for me because it will be my last. Come May, I will be leaving the hill to set out on a new adventure and begin my career in advertising. As exciting as this is, it is also intimidating and quite frankly, scary. Luckily,Continue Reading

Being Perfect 12.12.11

Yet another long semester has gone by at light speed.  Another semester of countless hours tightening up my work here and there until it’s finally complete.  Another semester of trying to eat healthy cause I don’t want to gain 10 pounds living off of the donuts and cakes that are shoved in our faces threeContinue Reading

PR Bucket List 12.2.11

As a senior getting ready to graduate in just five months, I find myself considering the many options I have ahead of me. I’m open to any and every experience that might come my way. I’m young and have time to accomplish everything I want to. Based on a blog post I read, “What’s on yourContinue Reading

You Just Can’t Beat a Good Ninja. 11.16.11

The countdown begins. The holidays are right around the corner and so are finals. These are the weeks when you start cramming in those projects you’ve known about since September. These are the weeks when you actually start trying to learn all that Spanish grammar for the comprehensive final instead of simply memorizing it untilContinue Reading

Relationships Are Key. Attitude Is Everything. 11.8.11

One thing that I didn’t fully grasp, when I began my first internship with Imagewest, was the value of relationships. But as the months have passed, I have gained a ton of experience working with people both inside and outside of the agency. What I’ve come to understand more clearly from all of that isContinue Reading

Enjoy the Little Things. 11.1.11

At the wise old age of 21, I’d like to give some advice to my peers and future ninjas. And that is (can you guess?) to enjoy the little things. Each semester I come to a point where I feel have too much to do in too little time. Part of this is because itContinue Reading

You’re Never to Old to Play Dress-Up 10.22.11

Things are never dull in the agency, especially during Homecoming week! For the first time, Imagewest decided to make Homecoming week Imagewest Spirit Week. Each day the team dressed up according to the theme of that day. To make things even more exciting, the best dressed each day won a casual day. Monday was HotContinue Reading

Ninja’s Experience Job Shadows 10.18.11

The excitement around the agency still hasn’t died down from the ninja’s job shadows over a week ago. Every semester Heather, our agency manager, contacts an industry related company of our choice, so we can get an inside look on how the business operates. Some of the ninjas travelled far while others stayed within aContinue Reading

The New Kid in Town: How to Navigate your New Agency Job. 10.11.11

Being a new graduate and new to a city as big as Atlanta, I felt completely overwhelmed when I began looking for a job at an advertising agency. About a month into my search, I made contact with BBDO, one of the largest agencies in the world, and now I’m working there as a DigitalContinue Reading

Imagewest: A Recipe for Challenges, Fun and Success 9.23.11

I have had several jobs before but never an internship. I have had fellow employees before but never team members. I have been to several Christmas parties before but never in September.  Imagewest is a professional agency producing quality work, but as students our expectations go beyond that. Stand up to your obstacles and doContinue Reading

Ninjas Embrace Change; It’s a Law of Nature. 9.16.11

Public Relations used to be straightforward. You wrote a news release, sent it to the local paper, they skimmed it and decided whether to include your first sentence in a story or toss it in the trash. I am by no means simplifying what the professionals in my field did just a few years ago,Continue Reading

Here Comes the Future 9.12.11

Realizing that my “future” is swiftly approaching is the one thought that has constantly been on my mind this semester. This is senior year for all of this semesters ninjas, and it is time we step up our game. After this year, there are no more study groups, no more exams, just the big things:Continue Reading

Newest Ninjas Prove Themselves as “Toobeez” Pros 9.2.11

It’s safe to have high hopes for your team when a leadership trainer calls you ‘‘too good’’ for her activities. Judging by our team building skills with “Toobeez,”interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked together, we’re bound to be a great team. It’s clear the newest ninjas at Imagewest have their creative thinking skillsContinue Reading

Welcome to Paris: Culture Shock 8.5.11

It isn’t easy being far away from home for an extended period of time, but is it really any easier to come back? Spending a month outside of the United States is challenging because of the vast cultural differences that exist around the world. Cultural norms and acceptable behavior in France varies from that inContinue Reading

There’s Never Enough Time 7.27.11

  As we wrapped up our final week living and working in Paris, we were reminded of the fleetness of time. To illustrate this point, I’ve taken an excerpt of my thoughts from the final Friday at work: “We haven’t been able to think of one thing without worrying about the next. And sleep, ha!Continue Reading

The Ninja Gnome Code 7.13.11

As few may know, Ninja Gnome is not only a gnome and a ninja master, but is also a cryptologist. While visiting his Imagewest team in Paris during their internship abroad, he received an urgent call from Marie-Laure de Rochebrune, the Louvre head curator. “Ninja Gnome, I’m sorry to wake you at such an earlyContinue Reading

Advice to Fellow Interns: Take a Chill Pill (When Needed) 6.23.11

It’s been less than a week that the Imagewest International team and the Global Editors Network have officially been working together in Paris. Still, it feels like we’ve been at it for quite a while now. We’ve previously spent two weeks back at the home office preparing for our internship by studying the client thoroughly.Continue Reading

Paris or Bust 6.9.11

This past week has been full of excitement for the ninjas at Imagewest as we prepare for our voyage to Paris, France. We are privileged to take part in an opportunity to work with the Global Editors Network (GEN). So far, we have researched our client, gone over packing dos and don’ts, tried our handContinue Reading

Ninjas at Heart We Will Forever Be 5.6.11

As they say, all good things must come to an end. The final days for the spring 2011 team have arrived, and a bittersweet ending it is sure to be. Everyone at the agency is working hard to meet final deadlines and put the final touches on various projects. The work the team has doneContinue Reading

A Few Tips for the New Ninjas 5.4.11

As the end of the semester comes speeding closer, it’s hard to believe my stint at Imagewest is too nearing completion, and our copious work as ninjas will soon subside. Having spent 250 + hours working side by side with some of the best students WKU has to offer has most certainly been rewarding andContinue Reading

Shaken Awake 4.12.11

With the clock winding down, things are moving at a much quicker pace here at Imagewest. The stack of completed and upcoming projects continues to get higher and higher. And even though we can get a little competitive with a game of volleyball at the agency, we as a team continue growing closer. College isn’tContinue Reading

The Sprint to the Finish Line! 4.7.11

Tick tock, tick tock! The countdown to graduation has started. This semester has gone by so fast, yet not fast enough for an extremely busy student like myself. Managing two jobs, school, and an internship has made my last semester at WKU one of the craziest and most fun semesters. I feel very fortunate toContinue Reading

Art & Copy 4.4.11

Last week in my copywriting class, we watched the inspiring documentary “Art & Copy,” which highlighted some of the greatest advertising creatives of the past century. Creatives that are responsible for some of the most memorable ads of all time including; Apple’s 1984 ad, “Got Milk?,” “I Want My MTV,” and “I Love NY,” amongContinue Reading

Seven Satisfying Years 3.28.11

Over 200 interns and more than 150 clients have come and gone from Imagewest, and after seven years Imagewest is still producing sinfully satisfying work. This week we celebrated that milestone with a grand re-opening ribbon cutting and, of course, some delectable treats. Thursday the agency celebrated with an open house welcoming in past clients,Continue Reading

It’s Never Too Late To Do What You Love 3.25.11

English novelist, George Elliot, once said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Take it from me, a student who when it’s all said and done, will have attended this school for four-and-a-half years. In that span of time I’ve worked a few different jobs, I’ve changed majors, concentrations and myContinue Reading

Getting Savvy Over Spring Break 3.21.11

While other students at Western Kentucky University were coming down with a severe case of Spring Break fever and heading south, interns at Imagewest were busy fine-tuning their portfolios and résumés for their upcoming job shadows. These job shadows presented the ninjas with a unique opportunity to gain some constructive criticism on their work, asContinue Reading

It’s a Challenge Out There For a Designer 3.4.11

Between all of the different things you need to know academics wise before you graduate college, in the graphic design world, there’s a whole different school of learning you have to be familiar with too before you head off into the real world. Not only must you choose between pursuing a career in print designContinue Reading

First 24-Hour Project Was a Success 2.24.11

Imagewest, along with members from WKU’s student chapters for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and American Advertising Federation (AdFed), recently completed over a dozen pro-bono marketing projects within a 24-hour timeframe for the Barren River Animal Welfare Association (BRAWA). The team of 23 students came together Saturday January 22 beginning at 10Continue Reading

Time to Kick Your Job Search Into High Gear 2.21.10

Although it’s only February, May is just around the corner, and for many of us that means graduation time. But what happens after that? Do you already have a job lined up or are going to be spending your time searching for a career? Hopefully, you’ve already started hunting for jobs and preparing for lifeContinue Reading

24 Hours to Gratification 2.3.11

Only one week into my internship at Imagewest and I already know the semester is going to be incredible. During the past two weeks, I’ve been through Imagewest boot camp, visited multiple companies, including Emma, Stagepost, Nashville Sports Council, White Thompson and Gerald Printing. Also, I networked with my fellow interns, and participated in Imagewest’sContinue Reading

Rollin’ with my Gnomies 12.10.10

So this is almost it. It’s the second to last day before my fall semester internship at Imagewest comes to a close. It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent 250+ hours in this office and that tomorrow the rest of the team and I will be handing over the reigns to next semester’s team. ThisContinue Reading

Beyond My Expectations 11.15.10

This semester has been pretty crazy because I have tried many different things that I have never experienced before.  I have a full-time class schedule and an internship at Imagewest! On top of that, I started working as a graphic designer at WKU’s Theatre and Dance Department. At the beginning of the semester, I wasContinue Reading

So you want to be a graphic designer. Now what? 10.20.10

You join a BA or BFA program and start signing up for classes. You learn some Photoshop basics, like drawing, painting and 2D design. You dabble in flash and maybe even Dreamweaver – maybe. You even take printmaking and ceramics. Suddenly you are a junior or senior, and you learn a little more about Photoshop.Continue Reading

More Than an Internship 10.13.10

If you really want to know where you stand as a business professional in the industry you are pursuing, a great way to better yourself and sharpen your resume is a job shadow.  The Imagewest Team took advantage of fall break by doing some job shadows on Thursday and Friday with some amazing agencies.  TheContinue Reading

Draw it Out 10.4.10

These days technology seems to be ruling the world.  Although most things are digital now, there is one step in the design process that should never become technological. As a designer, using a computer is a vital part of the design process, but I’m quickly learning at Imagewest that it isn’t the first step whenContinue Reading

“Ummm”… Getting it Together! 9.27.10

After beginning my internship at Imagewest, I soon learned a few things I needed to work on before entering the real world, one of them being my speaking skills. Everyone who knows about Imagewest also knows about our extensive portfolio, which contains some of the agency’s award-winning pieces of work. This portfolio helps show potentialContinue Reading

The Road to Interning 9.20.10

We’ve all had the teachers and professors who have pushed the importance of an internship on us. We all just nod and agree, like we always do when they tell us something. Not many of us actually follow through with it. Maybe it’s because we’re afraid that we won’t get it, or maybe we’re justContinue Reading

Boot Camp with the Ninja Gnome 9.7.10

Finally, after one failed attempt, I was privileged to jump aboard the Imagewest ship. I’ve had classmates who went through the internship in the past, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect with a Ninja Gnome involved. The first week was boot camp (a.k.a let’s cram as much information into your brain as possibleContinue Reading

Returning from the Mediterranean 7.16.10

Here we are. Back in the United States and back with our families and friends. You might not recognize it immediately, but Spain changed all of us. We tried new things, broadened our minds, and we all grew from the experience and came back with memories that will last forever. It was certainly not allContinue Reading

Una Vision Diferente de España 6.23.10

This past weekend, we took our first “side trip” to Bilbao, in the Basque region of Spain. While it wasn’t my favorite city, the food and drinks were good. I did learn the following, though: 1. Bilbao appears to be wealthy. Very, very wealthy. (The actual disposable income in 2004 was about €14000.) 2. OnContinue Reading

¡Barcelona aventuras! 6.18.10

We take a train to and from work everyday, which comes to about three hours of travel a day. It gets very tiring and I think everyone will say they have fallen asleep on the train at least once, but the good thing is that we are finally getting the hang of the time differenceContinue Reading

¡Vivo en España! 6.11.10

We made it! Imagewest is living and working in Spain. We’re settled into our temporary home (thanks Mariela), we’ve had a good Spanish meal, bought groceries in the supermercado and discovered just enough about local transportation to be dangerous. Things we’ve learned so far… 1. The Catalan language is not “almost like” Spanish. 2. TheContinue Reading

Proyectos y pósteres de España 6.3.10

This week has been spent doing endless research and preparation. As we all made calls to our banks, phone companies and family members, we were waiting for news from Mariela. We all were waiting with bated breath, to finally find out exactly what we will be doing during our time in Barcelona. On Wednesday morning,Continue Reading

I Can Almost Smell the Mediterranean Sea 5.27.10

Just a week after graduation I headed back to Bowling Green to embark upon my next adventure, getting ready to travel to Barcelona, Spain with Imagewest International! I have never been to Europe before, I have not even been out of the country before (unless you count a border city in Mexico) and in justContinue Reading

Advice From A Ninja 5.7.10

With only 2 weeks left before graduation, I find myself looking back on the semester and wondering where the time went. Has it been four years? Is it really time to head out into the "real" world? It seems like just yesterday that I was in my ninja training and soon I will be oneContinue Reading

Practice Makes Perfect 5.4.10

At Imagewest, we are all realizing that as the semester and our internship ends, we are getting closer to the real world. We are getting closer to the job search and the dreaded interview experience. This can be a terrible moment for most graduating college students. It is the source of much anxiety and stress.Continue Reading

Learning From the Big Guys 4.16.10

About a semester away from graduation, most design students are preparing for the work force by putting their portfolios together and tweaking their resumes. In a perfect world, after four years of college, this could be a realistic goal and next step in finding a career. But Imagewest has opened up my eyes to theContinue Reading

Reflections on a Busy Semester 4.6.10

I have often heard the expression, “when one door closes another opens,” and this semester I have come to realize how true this saying is. Just when one project ends at Imagewest another one starts. As interns we are very lucky to have the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects. I thinkContinue Reading

Brand Yourself 4.2.10

One of the great opportunities that Imagewest offers is that each intern gets to go on a job shadow. The possibilities are endless. Our agency manager works hard to organize this special day just about anywhere you could think to go. I chose to spend the day at CJ Advertising in Nashville, Tenn. The dayContinue Reading

Getting Ready for Graduation 3.26.10

In a couple of weeks, April will be upon us. Many of the spring interns are graduating in May and are preparing for change. Most of us are hoping it will be a smooth transition from school to starting a career. I know I am one of them. The fact of the matter is thatContinue Reading

You Don’t Want To Miss This 3.22.10

It is just past halfway through the semester, the spring graduates are freaking out about May, but we’re chugging right along at the agency. We have just completed a large promotional project for our birthday bash, all of us are working diligently on our individual projects and we’re excited for our upcoming projects. Working atContinue Reading

True Teamwork 3.8.10

Regardless of the cold spring weather we've had in Bowling Green this week, the atmosphere at Imagewest has been nothing but warm, fun and hard working. Since we are closed during spring break, many of us are working hard on our projects and in between things planning our sixth year birthday bash that is comingContinue Reading

The Best Decision Yet 3.1.10

I couldn't imagine a better last semester of undergraduate study. Wait, that was a lie and I apologize. I can actually think of a few different ways I could have chose to spend my last days at Western Kentucky University (WKU), but I realize now that I made the right decision by choosing to spendContinue Reading

A Good Beginning to a New Semester 2.12.10

The new Imagewest team is hard at work starting the new semester. We have all been assigned projects and have been working diligently to complete them. We are working quickly with many up and coming projects on the horizon. Our first week at Imagewest, which was referred to as our "boot camp," was full ofContinue Reading

Lasting Thoughts 12.11.09

Upon being accepted into Imagewest as graphic designers, we were very excited. We were proud that we gained not only our first internship, but also a work experience that would end up proving to be extremely valuable. The benefits we have received from Imagewest are innumerable. Perhaps the most important thing that we experienced wasContinue Reading

Helpful Tips from the PRSSA National Conference 12.2.09

I recently attended the PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) National Conference in San Diego. Among the thousands of students from colleges and universities across the nation, there were also many seasoned PR professionals who imparted to us some of their knowledge, advice and life lessons. I was fortunate enough to get to sitContinue Reading

Ninjas Gear Up for the Holiday Season 11.20.09

It’s a week away from Thanksgiving! I cannot believe how fast this semester has flown by.  Between working at Imagewest and graduating in December, I have been one busy gal.  While at Imagewest, I have completed the “Save the Date” WKU Human Resources Benefits Manual postcard and booklet. Currently, I am working on a bannerContinue Reading

The Balancing Act 11.16.09

With just a few weeks left in the semester before finals week, everyone is feeling the pressure from all areas of their lives. Balancing work, school, an internship and extracurricular activities is hard, but the reward at the end of the semester will be well worth it. At Imagewest, the ninjas are working hard toContinue Reading

Ninjas Still Working Hard as Fall Sets In 11.04.09

These last couple of weeks we have been on the hunt for new Ninjas for the spring term and grinding down on all our projects. I have been working on the overall look for our Ninja Gnome, Imagewest’s mascot, and trying to set our graphic standards. Soon this new look will be featured on ourContinue Reading

Intern Wisdom 10.26.2009

As a college student, it can be hard to take advantage of all of the opportunities that present themselves every day. Most of the time, it comes down to time management and balancing schoolwork and sanity.  Sometimes, when you get out of class, the last thing you want to think about is homework much lessContinue Reading

The Houston Experience 10.16.09

Despite the bone chilling weather we’ve had in Bowling Green this week, the atmosphere at Imagewest has been nothing but warm and positive. Many of us are nearing the final stages with our projects, while new and exciting projects are being assigned simultaneously. Currently, I am designing a banner for one of the departments hereContinue Reading

IW Ninjas Preview the Workforce for Fall Break 10.12.09

With my bags squeezed in the backseat and my finely tuned portfolio at my side, I merged onto I-65 South and made my way down to Nashville, Tenn. Last Friday the Imagewest interns set out all over the country to participate in a job shadow day. Students traveled as far as Portland, Ore. and Houston,Continue Reading

A Rainy Week but a Creative Feat! 9.25.09

Starting the week off right requires a good cup of Joe and some creative innovation. The IW team is deep into our new design and public relations projects with a vision of developing innovative images and lasting identities. Our Monday morning meeting set the course for the rest of the week focusing our attention onContinue Reading

The Ninjas Tackle Their First Obstacle of the Year 9.18.09

The IW team is bonding more and more everyday. Even though we all now have our first projects, we still seem to keep the atmosphere filled with laughter and Pandora music. Although we’re having a good time, we still know how to get down to business. Some of us are in the beginning stages ofContinue Reading

Imagewest Ninjas Kick Into High Gear for the New Semester 9.11.09

The new IW team is starting this fall semester off on the right foot. We have 12 Ninjas this semester (eight graphic designers and four account team members), and we have had a lovely two weeks so far. Our first day of “IW Bootcamp,” we did some team-building exercises where we learned how each ofContinue Reading

IWI Team Translates Spain Experience 7.20.09

The IWI team has made a safe return from their amazing trip from across the world. They returned with an immense understanding of a country deeply rooted in rich culture and friendly people that made leaving Spain very difficult. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the industry internationally, as the team successfully workedContinue Reading

IWI Spain Team Works Through International Obstacles 7.7.09

The IWI Spain team is currently in overdrive as we push through research and design to get to our final product completed for the City Council of Villanueva de la Cañada. Our design team has been going through the challenging design process of developing an international city website. We have had to learn to graspContinue Reading

Trabajamos Ahora (We Work Now) 6.26.09

We are off to a good start and setting the pace for our big project with the City Council of Villanueva de la Cañada. We are diving right into our research and establishing an outline for our marketing plan. We plan to work to improve the City Council’s current website to help inform and attractContinue Reading

PRep, PRep and MORE PRep! 5.1.09

This week we have been working hard to get everything prepared for our trip to Spain. We have completed a new email newsletter to keep everyone updated on a weekly basis. We also worked on getting out the press materials to inform the media on our exciting endeavor and work experience that is about toContinue Reading