Desktop Wars 11.19.12

Kelly Smith
Kelly Smith


Here at Imagewest the ninjas have learned a lot since August, and we definitely need all of our acquired knowledge as we near the end of the semester. There isn’t a lot of time left, but we have more to do than ever!

In order to keep the creative juices flowing, the team makes it a point to interject silly fun into our workdays. The dance parties, music videos, and the drawing of gangster pigs has progressed to what has been deemed the “Desktop Wars,” which is essentially, Austin, a designer, being anonymously bombarded with hilarious desktop wallpapers.

From photos of ridiculous kittens to the most awesome grandpa, I always know when some new fun has made its way to Austin’s desktop after he comes in for the day. Before he even turns his computer on, we examine the sticky notes left on his keyboard with hints as to what the new wallpaper will depict. One day a note read “I LUUURVE KITTENS” – can you guess what that day’s wallpaper was?

That’s right. This disturbingly adorable cat in a hat.

a kitten in a hat dot jpg

After discovering the new entertainment each day, everyone returns to work with renewed vigor and lifted spirits.

It’s important to enjoy the small things — like the Desktop Wars, our monthly outings, and limbo during our “luau” themed brunch — as deadlines close in fast. Five minutes of fun can really energize a whole day (thank you anonymous wallpaper-replacing ninjas). I’m reminded constantly of why it is so important to work with an awesome team. We not only help each other have fun, but also help each other with generating ideas and motivating each team member to do their best work as the semester comes to a close.