Imagewest recently provided five students the rare opportunity to live and work in Paris, France for four weeks.


The team traveled approximately nine hours to Paris, to work with Global Editors Network, (GEN). The client provided the students with a large project list to tackle while in Paris and was thankful for the help, since GEN is a brand new organization. In order to make sure all the work was completed on time, the team carefully planned projects, maintained deadlines and worked 10 to 12 hours each day. Imagewest provided the following deliverables: multiple databases, communication material (mission and vision statements, slogan and news release templates), strategic plans to increase GEN membership and attendance to NEWS! - News World Summit in Hong Kong. Additionally, the team worked on digital marketing material (two website redesigns, banner ads, email templates, a PowerPoint presentation, email signatures and a social media plan/consulting), posters, brochures and a survey.


In addition to working for GEN, the team was able to visit New BBDO, an advertising agency in France. New BBDO clients include many French companies and international businesses such as Mercedes and Hewlett Packard. Patrick Vallée, director of digital activities, took the team on a tour throughout the agency and showed them some of the agencies interactive work. Surprisingly, the team learned that the agency operated similar to those in the United States.


This was the fourth consecutive summer that Imagewest lived and worked abroad for four weeks.


Imagewest international scholarship recipients and team members included: Kelley Boothe; Sr. Designer, Ryan Franklin; Sr. Designer, Paige Johnson; Account and PR Coordinator, Jessica Troccoli; Account and PR Coordinator, and Kara Williams; Sr. Interactive and Graphic Designer.


To learn more about the team’s adventure in Paris, check out the team’s blogs, photos and videos.


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